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Ještě než bude uveřejněno filmové video "Darkness (Dream On)" s hostující Annou Wise, co takhle ještě nějaké audio? CunninLynguists a Freddie Gibbs už se v minulosti potkali nejednou. Po věcech "The Coldest" a "Imperial", která se nalézá na jejich poslední desce "Strange Journey Volume Two", se tak zatím naposledy stalo v singlu "Hard As They Come", jenž stejně jako všechny ostatní skladby na novince "Oneirology (22. března) samo sebou produkoval Kno. Tracklist: 01. Predormitum (Prologue) 02. Darkness (Dream On) f. Anna Wise of Sonnymoon 03. Phantasmata 04. Hard As They Come (Act I) f. Freddie Gibbs 05. Murder (Act II) f. Big K.R.I.T. 06. My Habit (I Haven’t Changed) 07. Get Ignorant 08. Shattered Dreams 09. Stars Shine Brightest (In The Darkest Of Night) f. Rick Warren 10. So As Not To Wake You (Interlude) 11. Enemies With Benefits f. Tonedeff 12. Looking Back f. Anna Wise of Sonnymoon 13. Dreams f. Tunji & B.J. The Chicago Kid 14. Hypnopomp (Epilogue) f. Bianca Spriggs 15. Embers [Natti] I’m a monster that don’t reside up under your bed I’ma march to the beat that I put into your head Send shots to your liver I deliver you death You can barter your tomorrow but a martyr you’re left Get you hot under the collar when my name’s on your breath Click the starter on your Impala I’ll be there when you wreck Fuckin’ with me you better keep your feelings in check Be the life of the party or a lifeless body Get with me thinkin’ you hard, you’ll be hardly standin’ I’m the hardest of them all, you’re the hardest landin’ Face first in the asphalt, your ass talked Too wreckless, now you helpless from the rounds you caught I’ll teach your ass a lesson, outlined in chalk Have you hostage in the hospice, high and trying to walk I am bravery in a bottle, I am courage in a glass I got the government’s approval, prohibition couldn’t last I go hard. [Freddie Gibbs] C’mon lets ride out The whole family over for Christmas dinner Let’s go through the purses and sell the gifts from your moms house They know you out here doing dirt for cash Plus you the one unemployed, a couple dollars ain’t gon hurt they ass I’m the only friend you got You tried to sell me but you took a hit and eventually you just couldn’t stop A couple of sniffs would get you lit but couldn’t get you to the top Oh what an event when you got hip to cookin’ me into them rocks I had you locked, you know it costs to come and see me So fuck yo groceries, fuck yo bills, go on and pawn that TV And fuck yo life, just catch this beam and take it straight to the dome And fuck yo kids, the state’ll seperate em’ and place em’ in homes It’s gon be cool, I know I got you crazy subdued Ever since the 80’s played your whole community for a fool And the ones that sold me smoke each other over new tennis shoes They field niggas, I’m the definition of death, the real killa [Kno] I’m with the fiends on the block playin shoot em’ up When I erupt makes it hard to know who to trust People scared to test me since the 80’s Anybody can get it, man woman or baby Shots do not discriminate, impossible to eliminate I disseminate, you disentigrate I can come off as a prick, you might get stuck with I’ll prolly steal your girl if you try and fuck with me Cus next to me you’re looking quite frail & if you snitch you’ll be counting your days in white cells Just needlessly in CB4 Ask the CDC no CD4’s Cus the truth is I’m on America’s dick Uncle Sam fucks the poor and it’s making em’ sick Now their life’s in a Tube, a downward spiral Give a new meaning to going viral I’m hard as they come Už jste četli? Na singl CunninLynguists se dlouho nečekalo Cunninlynguists naštěstí nebyli pryč dlouho Zdroj: qn5.com

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