Non Phixion dnes nevystoupí :-(. Kontroluj komplet info včetně vyjádření managementu kapely

Omlouváme se, ale NON PHIXION DNES NEVYSTOUPÍ. Důvodem je zmeškání letu vinou letecké společnosti Delta Airlines. V současné době zajišťujeme náhradní koncert, který by měl proběhnout do konce roku 2005 v Praze. Se vstupenou HHK 2005 bude cena za koncert zlevněná. V případě zájmu bude dnešní jednodenní vstupenka proplacena v plné výši. Nejpozději však do 17:00 hodin.

Zároveň přikládáme oficiální vyjádření managementu skupiny Non Phixion, které dorazilo evropské tour managerce Karin dnes ráno.

> Hi Karin: 
> Long story short, Non Phixion missed their flight tonight. Actually, it
> was 100 % NOT their fault and it was 100% the fault of Delta employees.
> Here's the brief story:
> They arrived at JFK at 7:15 PM (their flight was scheduled to depart at
> 8:55 PM). They went to Terminal 3, which is where all Delta international
> flights depart from. At the ticket counter they were told that this
> particular flight was departing from Terminal 1, across the airport but it
> was already too late for them to make the flight on time. This was the
> incorrect information, as the employee assumed that they were on the 7:55
> PM flight. So they went to Terminal 1, where they were given the run
> around and told that the flight was departing from Terminal 3, where all
> the international flights depart. They went back to Terminal 3, where they
> were told that they were given incorrect information from Terminal 1.
> Although Terminal 3 was the international terminal, due to high traffic of
> flights departing they re-routed some flights to depart from Terminal 1.
> But now after going back and forth 3 times, they had already wasted so
> much time (each terminal is on the opposite side of the other) that they
> would indeed miss the 8:55 pm flight altogether. Sabac began arguing with
> Delta that it was due to their incompetence that they were now missing
> this flight...Delta employee apologized and explained that this is unusual
> but, again, there were too many international flights departing so they
> had to re-route,etc. The next flight connecting to Prague was 10;55 PM,
> but it was sold out though they waited as standbys in case there were
> cancelations... there were not. Delta even looked for flights with partner
> airlines like Air France but nothing is available until tomorrow (Sunday,
> 8/21) evening, which is too late. So now we are left with no other options
> on our end. Delta said that these tickets are non-refundable, but they
> will be valid to use until July 2006.
> Honestly, I am at a loss for words as this is 2x in one summer, not to
> mention Non Phixion's touring careers where we have had to cancel shows at
> the last minute. The guys are very bummed and upset that they are
> disappointing fans. Regardless of the fault, it is bad for their image.
> The only thing I can suggest is that we set up another solo show in Prague
> soon with the same promoters and ask that the festival goers keep their
> ticket stubs for the later date, explaining that the cancelation is due to
> trouble with the airlines.We can use the same tickets, and obviously their
> fee will be the same. This is
> the only thing I can come up with...I am so sorry, but again this is not
> the group's fault. If you have a better suggestion,please let me know. I
> am open to alternative ideas.
> I am so, so sorry....I know this is awful for you to deal with.
> Kathleen
> --
> Kathleen Fink, Owner/Agent
> Last One Standing Booking
> 501 10th Street, 1st Floor
> Brooklyn, NY 11215

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